Dominate is a WIP game of strategical domination. If you try the tech/compatibility demo below, please note that as of yet there's no actual game present, This download was put up to give a teaser of the visuals and to test JNLP as a possible distribution method. You can however create new planets to your hearts content.
Dominate is written completely in Java, It uses the JOGL bindings for OpenGL for rendering. It should work on anything from a GeForce 2 or ATI equivalent up to the latest cards. Vertex Shader 1.1 support is used for smooth animation and translucency effects but is not a requirement.
Title screen and main menu

JNLP link (about 2.2M).

At least Java 1.4 installed on your system with Webstart, Video card with Opengl 1.1 capability and latest drivers.
Start a new game with 'new', then play around with the generation parameters to create a new world. 'randomize' uses a different random seed every time, 'hexy coastlines' makes the boundarys between the land and sea adhere to hex shapes, pretty ugly but far more clear as to where the hexes are. Middle mouse button rotates the sphere, left mouse button selects a hex and its containing zone when the game has been started ('play' from the players screen). Scroll wheel zooms in and out (uncapped for the time being).
The above is a build from about a month ago, A new build with actual gameplay elements(!) will be going up hopefully in mid march sometime. If you have any comments or problems with the demo don't hesitate to contact me.

Contact :
An infinity of worlds can be created !
Up to 6 players can participate in a game